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January 25 2013

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Prügelei als seltsame Kunst. Beispiel: Diamond Connection (1982)

January 12 2013

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Bride Of Killer Nerd! - YouTube
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December 20 2012

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Horror Café
Six of the Horror world's leading figures dine together. Hosted by Clive Barker with guests John Carpenter, Roger Corman, Ramsey Campbell, Lisa Tuttle and Pete Atkins.
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October 23 2012

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Libido - Das große Lexikon der Lust (1969) - "Ich bin vom Jungfrauenverein!" - YouTube
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September 07 2012

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Faszination Des Grauens - Neue Brutalität In Horrorfilmen

July 07 2012

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Cinema Snob - Badi (Turkish E.T.)

July 06 2012

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SUPERSTARLET A D - support Troma
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June 17 2012

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The Last Horror Film
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June 10 2012

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Frightmare - complete movie! (support troma)
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June 03 2012

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Nightbeast - complete movie! (support troma!)
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June 01 2012

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Tromeo And Juliet - complete movie (suport Troma!)
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May 26 2012

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The Toxic Avenger
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February 02 2012

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Saturday Morning Watchmen

January 17 2012

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"Life And Times Of Don Rosa" Trailer - YouTube

November 24 2011

August 18 2011

August 13 2011

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The Adventures of Mutilator - Hero of the Wasteland

May 14 2011

April 26 2011

Movie Title: Treevenge
Production: CAN 2008
Director: Jason Eisener
Cast: Jonathan Torrens,  Sarah Dunsworth, Maris Morgan, u.v.m.

Genre: Horror / Comedy / Splatter
Trash Level:8/10
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November 20 2010

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